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When a close friend gives birth, it always leads us into the difficult choice what present we can take her. She certainly already has everything, not to mention when the baby is not the first child in the family. There are thousands of present options but I can offer you one you can order from "Sweet Baby Moments" Studio. Make a unique present with our Gift card for baby photosession. You probably wonder what the price of the Gift card is. The answer is that you can choose a gift card according to your own budget. The studio offers different number of photo packages for every budget. You can choose a package from our price list and materialize it into a beautiful card: And here you can see the main reason you should make such a gift: Why the Gift card is a unique present? Most people rush into long shopping when in need for a present but how many would think of a gift card for a photosession? I would say - not many. If you are that unique friend your present certainly will be remembered. The Gift card of "Sweet Baby Moments" Studio is a luxury card, that you can write by yourself and give at the right moment:ваучер-подарък_13_43 
You can order it to your address and you will get it by courier on the next day. This is a great present also for the first birthday of the grown babies!

Another present you can make with the Gift card is a Maternity photosession. You can take a look at the gallery here

If you would like to make a present - a gift card for a family photosession, which I recommend for parents of children above nine months old (or at least one of the children in the family is above nine months old) you can take a look here:

Another reason for giving such a present is that every gift card includes additional compliment by me. Every clients with a "Sweet Baby Moments" gift card receive unexpected compliment with additional images beside the chosen package.

Don't hesitate, choose the package and give it as a gift! You can choose a gift card with 10 or 20 images from "Sweet Baby Moments".ваучер-подарък_13_43
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