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The photo session of pregnant ladies/maternity session is entirely a studio session and is meant to be a memory catcher through camera and lighting of one of the most exciting and wonderful moments in a lady's life. Most moms to be are a little bit confused at the beginning within the first few photos, however when they see the beautiful results all the tension evaporates. The maternity session is performed within an hour and a half at the studio premises. Usually, the photos are taken on black or white background with different lighting combinations. I encourage all my models to act normally and be theirselves, there is no need to pose in a strange way, just be you! I wish that every pregnant woman feel attractive as they all are. The truth is that every mom to be is charming in a unique way. That is exactly what I re-create through the photos. You can take a glance at the "Pregnant ladies" galleryбременни-мами/8 ,  grab an idea and you are very welcome in the studio to fulfil it.
Is there anything to bring along for the session? You can take a skirt, a dress, light jeans, a scarf, a fan, your husband's shirt, favourite engagement or wedding hair accessories or even a white sheet. The idea of the photos is to demonstrate the tenderness of the pregnant body. I recommend not wearing a lot of clothes as the main accent is of course the beautiful belly. You can wear shoes or be barefoot, nothing is a must. The most important thing is that you feel confident. The session is made entirely following the clients' wishes. It's your own judgement how your moment to be captured, I only contribute to capture it in the best possible way.

For the white background I recommend that you wear light-coloured underwear that won't be an accent in the photos. You can use a scarf - your own or from those available in the studio. A lace or sateen fabrics can be used, there is no need to be a dress, the fabric will do just fine. If you choose a skirt - it can be formal or a beach wear, light-coloured or other. We can include your beloved one if you both wish. 

The black background session is performed right after the one on the white background. I recommend that you wear dark underwear, jeans or a dark skirt. You can have a look at all the dark background photos in the "Pregnant ladies" galleryбременни-мами/8 . 

You can see the information regarding the pregnant photo session here:цени_9

Thank you for taking the time to get informed about the most important things regarding a maternity photo session. If you have any questions dont's hesitate to contact me. You can write a message in the Facebook page of  "Sweet Baby Moments" or send me an email .

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