When is the most appropriate time to make a newborn session

Let me introduce you to a single image:

We can talk about a newborn session when it is made until the 20th day from birth. I consider the most appropriate time between the 7th and the 15th day. Yet, this period is not sharply defined ant could be relative for a lot of babies. If a baby is born after term or is born above the average weight and height I recommend making the newborn photo session within the first 10 days from birth. If the baby is born pre-term you can arrange the session around the 20th day or even when the baby is one month old. Newborn baby photos can be made until the first month however when the second week passes the chance that the baby won't fall asleep during the session is higher, the legs are stronger and the baby starts to fight the accessories. Why the baby in the above picture is so sweet? I follow the rule that less is more. There is nothing excessive - a baby, a scarf and a headband. Babies need carful wrapping and placing the hands in the proper place. Remember, you can make your baby a photo model even at home, however this has to be made really carefully. The newborn always give hints what is the most convenient position. If she/he feels comfortable, the session will pass in the most calm manner. In case the baby refuses to fall asleep I use different methods to 'convince' him/her - chill out music, white noise records, baby shusher.
Why the newborn session is made right after birth? This is the time when babies are most sleepy, not suffering form colic and the power you will notice around the third week hasn't come yet. It is recommended to make a clear plan for the session in order not to lose precious time when changing the decorations. It is clear that we cannot make photos with countless decorations. We chose everything in advance along with the parents' opinion and point of view. Usually, in addition to parents' preferences I propose some things that I consider appropriate for the specific baby and then we can start. When I change the decorations I never wonder where to leave the baby, he/she is always in a safe place so there is nothing the parents to worry about. Of course, if necessary I always ask for their assistance. There are images where I include the parents. All the accessories are exclusively soft and tender and most of all absolutely clean. I always use soft sensitive baby laundry detergent.

The room temperature is desirable to be at least 22 degrees Celsius. In my studio the temperature is usually 23 degrees and I use during the session additional pointed heating. It is especially important not to let the baby to get cold. It often happens throughout the session the baby to get hungry. The parents should not worry about it as when first signs of discomfort are shown, the photosession is temporarily interrupted until the baby is fed and happy. If you don't have a blanket with you don't worry, there are some available at the studio that can be used by parents. When feeding the baby you don't get him/her dressed, but just nicely covered up with a blanket. When the baby feels no longer uneasy we can continue with the session. 

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