Baby photo session prices

What does Baby Photo Session mean? This photo session is intended for babies of age from 5 to 9 months old and older. You may decide choose a proper time within this age of the baby.

Photos are being taken as of the 5th day after birth, up to the moment you call your little one a ‘baby’. I recommend doing a photo session when the babies are newborn, when they are still pretty sleepy, calm (excluding the time the babies have colic which time is different for different babies – around the 4th day after birth for some, and around the 2nd month for others). Sometimes the colic might even be latent and therefore unrecognizable. Making a newborn baby photo session could be a very responsible task. My approach is to try to see everything through the parents’ eyes – as if I am the one wanting to make a photo session for my newborn baby at this part of the baby’s life which passes for about 10 days, where would I do this photo session?!? Dear parents, in my capacity of a person that has chosen this wonderful segment of a photographer’s profession, namely photograph babies, I would recommend you to choose exactly my studio! Why do I recommend you to come to the professional newborn babies’ studio? Please, see the gallery at and decide for yourself whether it is worth visiting. As a parent and a person, having this profession, I can say ‘yes, it is worth visiting Sweet Baby Moments studio!’ Wherever you choose to go for a photo session, please, first think who you trust to give your baby to!  The photos you can find at any studio’s websites would usually give you a solid hint on what to expect and whether to trust the respective studio. Making a baby photo session is a very responsible task for any photographer. Visiting my studio, clients expect to get the best photos, but probably they have never thought about all it takes to achieve the best result – along other, a gentle care for the baby, maintaining a proper temperature at the studio, so that the baby could feel calm and comfortable, maintaining a great level of tidiness at the studio, including all decors, accessories, etc. are needed. Parents’ comfort is also a priority here and therefore I have also taken care of this since some of the newborn babies’ photo sessions may continue up to 3 hours.