Pregnancy Photo Session

Pregnancy photo session Bruseles. You might ask yourself about the process of taking a Pregnancy Photo Session? The Pregnancy Photo Session takes place at the Sweet Baby Moments studio. Maybe you don't expect anything, but the studio is extremely pleasant as I have bet on home comfort and a pleasant atmosphere. Usually, at the very beginning, we would discuss for about 10 minutes how the photo session would go and what your expectations for the photo session are. After this, I would let you get dressed and will set up the lights. When we are ready, the photo session starts. During the photo session I would show you the photos I am taking, so you are aware of what we do. With the practice I have noticed that women are curious to see how they look at the photos during the photo session, so I am willing to show you what I see and the photos I am taking. Thus, in case you think some of the photos are not what you expected or some of them you like more, we could adjust accordingly and decide what to aim to achieve. After we are done with the specific outfit, we could proceed with the others. Many women are feeling a bit worried and uncomfortable at the very beginning, especially if this is their first photo session and this is totally normal. After they see how the process goes and we do a couple of photos, all worries disappear, and women are feeling much more confident and comfortable. And for me, as this is my job, I would do my best, so that you feel comfortable. Within a few days after the photo session, you will receive a compressed .rar file with the photos you have chosen in a JPEG format.The photo session is done entirely according to the client’s preferences and comfort. You are free to choose the style of the photos you would like the most and I am there to advice and help and to put you in your most favourable light. At your discretion your significant other could also take part in the photo session, but the photo session is in general meant for you only.The temperature at the studio is nice, just the right one so you feel warm and comfortable