Baby photo shoot and baby pictures

Hi there,

I would like to show you how you could take photos of the feet and feet fingers of your baby. In case you are having a baby and you do not feel like going for a photo session to a professional photographer, you might want to take a nice photos of the tiny little feet of the baby. How to make the best photos? As you already know, the newborn babies are pretty sleepy most of the time and they do not really voluntary move much their sweet little feet, but they rather have a reflex for move. This is being changed after the third week after birth and sometimes after a month and a half after birth. Place the baby at the bed at home as the baby may be dressed only with its diaper. Choose a beautiful scarf or similar texture and place it below the baby, wrap once very gently the texture around the baby’s core without wrapping its feet, just the hands. Then move gently the legs of the baby towards its belly and wrap them once as well (if you are not aware of the Dr. Karp’s method, please search for it). Preferably the texture should be stretchy so that you are able to gently wrap and fix the legs one to each other – you might want to see examples at the newborn babies’ gallery: . Place a pillow below the head and back of the baby and a folded shirt below the legs and focus on the area below the feet which inevitably will be caught in the photo. Zoom in with the camera or mobile phone and take a photo focusing on the feet fingers. This is exactly what I have done when taking the photo above. If the baby is feeling comfortable, he/she would seem calm and relaxed, but if we disturb the baby, he/she might start crying. In the latter case, you might want to wait about 10 seconds without changing the way you have situated the baby to see whether he/she would stop crying. In case if he/she continues crying, this would mean that the baby does not feel comfortable and you need to start the wrapping process from the very beginning taking care not to disturb the baby again.