Cake for a newborn baby gift card

when a close friend gives birth, there is always a frenzy about what gift to give. We ask ourselves the same question when we have to choose a gift for the cake. She probably already has everything, and if the baby isn't first for the family, she's certainly overwhelmed with baby stuff. There are thousands of options for gifts, but I can offer you a gift to order from the Sweet Baby Moments studio. Make a unique gift for your girlfriend by giving a "Gift Card" for a baby photo shoot. You are probably wondering about the gift card price? The price of a voucher for a photo session can be adjusted according to your budget. How many people would think of giving a newborn baby photo gift with a gift card? If you do, this gift is sure to be remembered. A gift card is a luxury card that you can write and present yourself. Another gift you can give with a gift card is a photo shoot for pregnant ladies. You can view photos with such a session here If you want to give a gift - a gift card with a family photo session, which I recommend for parents with a child over 9 months or at least one child is over 9 months. Everyone who buys a gift card also gets an additional compliment from me. All customers who come to me with a gift card have an unexpected compliment of additional shots and/or variations on the shots from the package. You can make bank transfer for the photo session which you would like to have. First write me a massage or give me a call to be Shure that you will make the right choice for your gift and I will send you the details and bank account.