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Notification according to Directive 2009/136/EC (EU Cookie Law): For the proper functioning of the site and to improve the service, the platform uses the so-called "cookies" - small text files containing fragments of information about site visitors.
PROFOTO STUDIO EOOD uses cookies or similar tools on our site to improve their performance and your experience.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small amount of data sent by a web server to an Internet browser, and then returned by the browser each time it accesses that server. The cookie helps the site to save information about your visit, to facilitate the use of the site and, accordingly, the service offered on the next visit, and therefore to make the site more useful for you. Most cookies do not collect information that can identify you, but rather collect general information about how users reach and use our site or what their location is.
Internet cookies store information about individual Users, such as the User's name, password, account name. Through them, PROFOTO STUDIO EOOD can recognize him and use the information from his profile. Users can at any time reject cookies, if any.
The user can allow or prohibit the use of cookies on the respective browser. Browsers may also enable users to delete specific cookies. Please note that disabling cookies could affect browsing as almost all services on the internet rely on cookies. How to enable or disable cookies is as follows:
* Microsoft Internet Explorer - Open your browser. Click "Tools" on the right side of the window and select "Internet Options." Click the "Privacy" pane. You can set different levels of automatic cookie management or choose manual management by clicking "Advanced".
* Opera - Open your browser. Go to the main menu and click on "Settings". Select "Preferences" and click the "Advanced" pane. Select the "Cookies" pane and set your preferred settings.
* Mozilla - Open your browser. Click on "Tools" and select "Options". Click on the "Privacy" pane. In the "History" section, you can choose different behaviors (remember history [Remember history] / never remember history [Use custom settings for history]) and set exceptions.
* Google Chrome - Open your browser. Click the Tools icon on the right side of the window and select Options. Click the "Under the Hood" pane, then click "Content Settings" in the "Privacy" tab. Select your preferred settings in the "Cookies" pane.
* Safari - Open your browser. Click the menu icon on the right. Select "Preferences" and click the "Security" pane. Set your preferred settings.
In the event that the User has not disabled cookies, the User agrees that PROFOTO STUDIO EOOD will store limited information about each search made by him and use this information also for solving technical problems and for statistical purposes.
Disabling cookies may make it impossible to use all the site's functionalities.
What are "third-party cookies"? Part of the content of an Internet page may be placed on it by a provider - a third party (eg a strip with changing news headlines, a video or an advertisement). These third parties may also set cookies via a website. These are "third party cookies" as they do not belong to the owner of the website.

Of course, third-party providers must comply with applicable law, and usually the policy of the website owner. PROFOTO STUDIO EOOD uses the cookies of external organizations, partners, advertisers and in particular Facebook, Google, etc.
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