How does the Newborn Babies Photo Session go?

How does the Newborn Babies Photo Session go? The photos made at the photo session is only one aspect of the whole experience when visiting the studio for newborn babies, babies and pregnant women. Along with this, you may also expect a professional and kind attitude towards you and your baby. The main communication is between me and the baby. Once I welcome you, usually I take the baby in the baby carrier and according to the baby’s behavior I decide whether he/she is hungry, needs change of diaper, etc. You must be certain that the baby is in good hands during the photo session – this is also a reason why you are visiting exactly Sweet Baby Moments Studio – trust is very important. Besides having two kids, I have been working with hundreds of newborn babies, so you should not be worried about anything. Once you are at the studio, you may relax on the sofa and watch closely the Newborn Baby Photo Session.

I recommend the photo session to be made around the 6th to 12th day after the baby is born, up to the 14th day. Later than this is also accepted, but under the condition described here Once I prepare all decors, accessories and other staff for the photo session, I take the baby and prepare him/her for the photo session. If the baby is calm and relaxed, we can start the photo session even if the baby hasn’t eaten. When it is time for the baby to eat I will ask you to feed him/her – in case if the baby can eat from a bottle, I can also feed him/her if you want me to. In case if I consider the baby is hungry, I would like you to trust me and feed the baby even if you have fed him/her an hour before this. Please, do not doubt in my estimate, you are here to get the best photos, this is why you choose Sweet Baby Moments Studio :)

During the photo session of the newborn baby you might get worried that the baby might get sulk or uneasy. Please, do not worry, because any worries would inevitably affect the baby as well as the process of taking the photos. I will find a way to calm the baby, this is part of my job. If the baby gets uneasy, I am the one responsible to calm him/her. You don’t need to call the baby “mama is here” or anything else, it is just not needed. Any worries of a parent reflect the working process. Even if the baby starts crying, do not worry, I will calm him/her down as quickly as I can. As I wrote above, just relax and enjoy watching the photo session process. Take some rest, I suppose you don’t really have enough time at home right at that time! Please, bring some diapers in case we need to replace the baby’s one, as well as some extra clothing for the baby since sometimes changing diaper might be a bit messy.

Once the photo session is done, I will let you know, get the baby dressed up and return him/her to you.