Newborn Baby Photo Session

Newborn babies are a whole fortune and happiness for their parents! The Newborn Baby Photo Session is a way to capture and memorize this wonderful moment, thus creating an eternal memory of this event!

Why am I writing on this topic? The website is created specifically for you, dear parents. The newborn babies are tiny and fragile, they don’t look exactly the way we are used to see them at the movies, which by the way are about three months old or more. I have been often asked whether I do photo sessions at peoples’ homes. Imagine what would be to bring all stands, lights, equipment, accessories, decors, and all staff needed for the photo session. At the moment you see me bringing all the above, you will most probably ask yourself why you called me at all. This is the reason why I opened the Sweet Baby Moments studio and took care of all you and your baby might need, so we could make a wonderful Newborn Baby Photo session. You wish the studio to be a place warm and tidy as your own home is? This is what I personally take care of, tidiness is a priority. Access to the studio with shoes is restricted. You might want to use slippers, given at the studio, walk barefoot with socks, or simply use the covers for shoes I can also give to you. If you prefer staying with shoes, please put shoes covers at the entrance. There is always a fresh air at the studio, floor is being kept sparkly clean, and air conditioning has special filters to keep the tiny particles out. The proper temperature and tidiness are priority here. Just think about the way you maintain the temperature at home. The baby is dressed up and covered by a blanket and before taking his/her clothes off for shower you usually increase the room temperature. At the studio there is no need to increase the temperature in advance, since it is temporarily warm enough – around 23-25 degrees (of course, the temperature must allow me to work as well :)  In case if needed, an additional warmers are available during the photo session. More information you might find here: