Preparation for a pregnancy photo session?

You might consider some special care for your skin before the photo session - I would recommend you use well nourishing body lotion at least a week before the photo session. Moreover, in order to achieve soft and glowing effect for your body, I would recommend that you use a nourishing body lotion right before the photo session. For the week before the session, I would recommend you eat more heathy food, reduce salt intake and drink enough water. Right before the photo session, try to get enough sleep so that you are well rested for the photos. Many women are asking me whether they should have their hair done, go to a professional make up, etc. In general, it is nice if you have a light makeup and your hair done. It is not needed to have a heavy evening makeup.  

The Pregnancy Photo Session is a great chance to capture and memorize such a beautiful moment, because the pregnancy itself brings a unique charm and beauty to the woman. You want to capture and memorize this wonderful moment of your life with the Pregnancy Photo Session. Please, do not carry a lot of luggage with you, a backpack with a few cloths and different underwear is totally enough for the photo session. The studio will also provide variety of scarves, dresses and accessories.   
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