Questions and Answers

Cleanness and comfort in the studio? 
The studio is clean, openspace and comfy. Sweet Baby Moments studio is extremely clean, spacious, nice and comfortable. The temperature inside is kept at about 23-25 degrees Celsius. There are also additional warmers if needed. You may also enjoy a nice quiet calming music. In order to ensure maximum tidiness, you are expected to either take off your shoes at the door entrance, or if you prefer not to, there are also shoes covers at the studio that I may provide you with. If entering the studio barefoot, please wear socks. 

Appointment with the studio. 
For newborns it is recommeded to make an appointment at 10 o'clock in the morning. For babies more then a month old it is desirable to take into consideration the eating and sleeping schedule of the baby. The quickest way to make an appointment is to call me. You can also write to me at

What is the price of a baby session? 
In the "Prices" folder you can see all the information about the differnet types of maternity or newborn and babies photosession. I offer packages starting from 10 images. When the session is over, you choose the images acoording to the desired package and these images, edited, is what you finally receive. I don't provide and I don't keep unedited images. All the photos are sent within 10 buisiness days after the session, but usually you will receive them by the end of the same week. In case you like more images than the preliminary chosen package, you can always add some or change the entire type of the package. 

How many backgrounds are being changed during the baby/ newborn baby photo session?

We will choose the backgrounds, decors, and accessories at place. Of course, if many photos are requested, we will use more of the backgrounds, decors, or accessories.

When do we choose photos we purchase and how to pick the best ones?

After the photo session is done, we can immediately see the photos and choose the best of them.

I'll assist you in the process!  

How many photos do I need to choose after photoshoot?
 The minimum package consists of 10 images and if you want more, it's up to you.


When do I receive the photos?

The photos are being sent to you within 10 working days after the photo session, most often at the end of each week except if the photo session is taken on Saturday. The photos you choose are being saved for one month after your visit. They are being sent via WeTransfer- active link as this link is active for 7 days. The studio is not responsible for any photos if they are not downloaded as previously instructed and within the agreed period of time and is not responsible to restore them.

Can I receive all photos from the session?
Yes you can, but you'll have to pay for all the photos.

Yes, but they need to be paid for.


When is the best time to bring my newborn baby for a photoshoot?
The best time for a newborn photo session is from the first and the second week of baby's life, in rare cases third week after birth is also possible. Check out for more information:

What if my child refuses to be photographed?
It is advisable to prepare toddlers well in advance that they are going to be photographed. So that they can look forward to it. If the child still refuses to be photographed we can do the session in other time or you can just cancel it.


If my baby is restless shoud we end the session?
Babies sometimes get upset and this is the time to feed them, change their diaper, put them to sleep if they are tired. I leave enough time to deal with the situation. 


Should I feed the baby before the photos?

It is recommended that the baby eats before the photo session, so that we have like 30 to 40 minutes (for babies older than one month) to make the photos. Newborn babies might also eat at the studio. Dear ladies, do not feel worried about breast feeding the baby at the studio, this is a daily round here.


Could I feed the baby at Sweet Baby Moments studio?

Yes, you may feed (breast feed) the baby at the studio, there is enough time for this as well.


What do we have to bring for the photo session?
You can take something favourite - a toy, acsessories or whatever you want. There are bunch of props in the studio in order to take the photoes you would like.


Is there a space to put diapers on the baby?


There is a dedicated place at the studio where you can put diapers on the baby, as we also provide diapers, blankets, wet/dry towels, etc., if needed. I can fully take care of the newborn babies, as for the more grown up babies depending on the age you might also want to help me. 

Do I need to take care of my baby while we are at Sweet Baby Moments studio?

Once you come at the studio you do not need to take care for the baby, as I am fully responsible for this, especially when it is a newborn baby. If you prefer, please feel free to help me.

How many people could I bring with me at the photo session of the baby?

Preferably only the parents should come, so that we can ensure quiet and undisturbed atmosphere. Babies are extremely sensitive and react to each tension around them. But in case you want to, you might bring someone else with you, the studio is spacious enough, but please, make sure they are quiet.

*For any other questions don't hesitate to ask!