What is a Pregnancy Photo Session

The photo session of pregnant ladies/maternity session is entirely a studio session and is meant to be a memory catcher through camera and lighting of one of the most exciting and wonderful moments in a lady's life. Most moms to be are a little bit confused at the beginning within the first few photos, however when they see the beautiful results all the tension evaporates. The maternity session is performed within an hour and a half at the studio premises. Usually, the photos are taken on black or white background with different lighting combinations. I encourage all my models to act normally and be themselves, there is no need to pose in a strange way, just be you! I wish that every pregnant woman feels attractive as they all are. The truth is that every mom to be is charming in a unique way. That is exactly what I re-create through the photos. 

With the help of a professional photography equipment, such as lights, technologies, etc., the Pregnancy Photo Session solely made at Sweet Baby Moments studio is a great way to capture unique memories from an amazing period of a woman’s life. Most of the women are feeling a bit nervous at the very first couple of photos, but these worries disappear as soon as they see the result of what we are doing. The Pregnancy Photo Session takes about an hour and a half to two hours, at the studio, including the time my clients are choosing which photos they would like to get. I strongly encourage you to be yourself while posing for the photos! I will fully advise and guide you on how to pose and how to achieve the best result. Many women are feeling insecure about how they look and about their appearance in general while being pregnant, but the truth is that the charm of a pregnant women is unique.