When is the right time for photo session?

When is the best time to make photo session?
If you wonder what the right time to have a photo session is, this article might be for you. When exactly is recommended to visit Sweet Baby Moments studio?
• Pregnancy Photo Session – why should I come? Being pregnant is one of the most important moments of a woman’s live, therefore you might not want to miss a chance to memorize it! My recommendation is to make the photo session between 25-32 gestational weeks. It is up to you to pick any time within the above period. The photos are being taken partially with underwear, or without any underwear, according to your preferences. Wearing an underwear during the photo session would also bring a great result, but later on when looking at the photos, the underwear would rather distract the eye, as you will also see it yourself. You will see and decide for yourself, everything is up to your own comfort and preferences. In case if you want to achieve tender and sexy photos, please trust me and my professional experience. At the end of the day, this is why you choose my studio. I will do my best for you! Playing with the lights is also an important aspect in taking a photo session. Please, pay attention to the pace with which the belly is growing and have in mind that the last weeks of pregnancy bring its quickest swell and this is the time a woman gains most weight. You do not need to necessarily wait until the belly gets to its biggest size, it is good enough if the belly is well formed, even if this is when you are in your seventh month. Also, have in mind that the period after the end of your eighth month could be quite heavy and tiring for yourself, although I have done photo sessions of women having their birth term immediately after the session.
• Photo session for newborn babies – what is best time? I do not make appointments for a newborn baby photo session before the baby is born. Do not worry, let it all pass and as a friend of mine once said: “You will be the first person I would tell that I gave birth, so you can make me an appointment” :) Dear ladies, do not worry, we will certainly take the best photos of your little baby, let the baby be born first and then call me or write me a massage. You might also want to call me and let me know there is a birth coming in the next 10 to 14 days for example, so I have it in mind. It rarely happens that there are no options for appointment in the following 10 days. Please, have in mind however that November and December are busier than usual and in case you are supposed to give birth in these months, I would ask you to call me a bit in advance, so we can choose an approximate day in advance and plan accordingly. The most appropriate days for a newborn photo session according to my experience are the period between the 7th and 12th day after birth. At the photos you can expect the sleeping baby laying on different blankets, bundles of ribbons, scarfs, dream catchers and all sorts of other combinations. It is interesting to mention about the chance the baby will be sleeping during the photo session according to its exact age. Before its 7th day of his/her birth the chance that the baby will be sleeping is 90%, around his/her 10th day after birth - probably about 80% chance to be sleeping, around the 12th day the percentage drops to about 60%, and around the baby’s 14th day after birth the percentage goes as low as 50% or as we like to say - ‘fifty-fifty’. I will be able to put the baby to sleep but anyway part of photos would have the baby with its eyes open. From the 20th to 30th day after birth the chance that the baby will be sleeping during the photo session plunges to 10% and even lower. This of course does not mean that we would not be able to make the photos of your baby. 
• What to expect when the baby is 1 month old and older? For this age the photo session falls under the category of a Baby Photo Session. The babies at that age are a bit grown-up, well-shaped and cute, looking like sweet little dolls on the photos. Regarding the used accessories: there are not as many accessories used during the babies’ photo sessions as they are used with newborn babies simply because the babies themselves do not allow it. I can make cute photos with scarves that gently cover the baby, also use tiaras and other accessories, hats are not their favorite, babies start to fight hard and do their best to get rid of them. Therefore, I am pretty careful when using accessories. What you can expect is mostly photos at which the baby is laying on its back, could be also laying in a basket, in front of a background we choose according to the size of the baby, portraits on the blankets if the baby allows us. I will give my best to make him/her smile of course, which could also be part of the repertoire. As a client of mine once said: ‘I forgot to take the baby’s grandmother, the baby is always very happy to see her’. I cannot really make every baby smile of course but I do my best and if I succeed, it is always a bonus. These photo sessions usually take a little bit less time than the photo sessions for newborns for example and I need to be as quick as possible since the babies at that age do not sleep that much and can easily be irritated and can start crying. This brings a higher risk for the photo session and the latter might not finish within the predefined time.
• Photo session for babies between his/her 6th and 9th month after birth: For their photo session, babies of age 5 months old and older are usually seated for a short time in specific baskets. This is an age at which the photos would catch a playful look and funny facial expressions. I would not mind if the parent is helping me during the photo session as holding the baby until I am changing the different decors or accessories, or simply stand next to me so that the baby sees his/her parent for more comfort. All babies are so different from each other. There are some who would not even let me make a contact with them, happily that happens very rarely. The only presence some babies would allow is their mother’s one and there is no one to blame about that. I would anyway do my best but in case the photos are not what you would expect for objective reasons – e.g. the baby simply does not allow it, you might want to come another time and give it another try. In such a case you would not have additional taxes for the other visit. 
• Children of age 1 year and above – (I would recommend Christmas photos) at this age children could be a bit naughty or not well behaved, girls could be calmer, boys - not so much. Having two children together at the photo session could sometimes even sabotage the whole photo session. At those moments I really rely on you and your communication with the children. In case if the children do not feel like being photographed for some reason, you might want to postpone the photo session. I would recommend doing the photo session for the children separately, after which we could try taking photos of both of them. At this age of the children, I might need you to assist me. 
• Family Photo Session – please, read the whole article on why you would want to do a family photo session at Family Photo Session - prices.
Christmas Photo Session - when? Of course, in November, December, and January :) I would also accept early bookings and if case you do not find any time for a photo session at the end of the year – you are very welcome to come in January.
Thank you for reading the most important things for the different photo sessions. In case if you have any further questions, do not hesitate to call me. You may also text me at the Sweet Baby Moments Facebook page or write me an email at info@sweetbabymoments.com 
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